The Adventure Begins
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The Adventure Begins is the first chapter in the ongoing OddRealm Adventures story, which has yet to be finished. The above cover art is only a placeholder, as the chapter's cover cannot be made before the chapter has reached its last picture.
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Chapter Summary
WARNING : Spoilers!

So far, the chapter describes the beginning of Captain Oddam's adventure, once he and the Easter Bunny reached the gates to King Shrek's Rainbow Castle in pursuit of Oddam's happiness - possibly the love of Princess Sonya. However, the gates are covered by a music stage during one of many Shrekstival concerts, this one occupied by MJ & the Difs. Soon, Oddam is approached by Donkey who gives the captain an ultimatum, submit to King Shrek or die. Oddam is then saved by the Homiesexual and his bodyguard chicks, and taken to safety...

They travel out of Shrekistan, driving by the Pancake Prison which was heavily crowded with prisoners from Palesting's resistance group.

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