Dick Agent 3 in Pic 01

Dick Agent 3, as he appeared in Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert.

Dick Agent 3 is an Original Character requested by Aura Nomdeplume & Therese Thres Lauridsen and introduced to the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay in Pic 01 by Amargaard.

Dick Agent 3 is one of three dick agents, in service of Donkey.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins Edit

Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert
Dick Agents, Donkey and Oddam at the Shrekstival

Donkey and the dick agents approach Johal Oddam at the Shrekstival.

Donkey was patrolling the shrekstival with the three dick agents, forcing the guests to commit to shrexualism or die. They arrested the Cookie Monster and handed him over to Tyrion Lannister. Later, they came across Johal Nikolas Oddam who hesitated replying to Donkey's threat. Before they could eliminate him, Johal was rescued by the Homiesexual and escaped the festival.

Description in Details: Edit


Dick Agent 3 has the appearance of a humanoid penis, with yellowish-fair skin and pink glans. He wears black shades, a yellow shirt, green tie, and a dark gray suit. He wears the typical armband of the military forces in Shrek's Kingdom around his left arm, and carries a pistol in his right hand.

Of the three dick agents, Dick Agent 2 is the tallest one.


Silent, cold-hearted and constantly ready to kill. The Dick Agent follows Donkey's orders to the death.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

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