Joining the story
Da Rulez
This is a list of guidelines for new players who wish to join the OddRealm Adventures roleplay.

Da Rulez!

In the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay, anyone who wishes to participate must first follow a series of guidelines.

This guide explains how to properly edit wiki articles.

Basic information: Edit

To create a new page click the "Create page" icon in the upper right corner of the screen, or follow a red link.

All information on the pages must be considered official lore, which means every fact needs to be stated in a picture that has been approved by an admin. Or otherwise accepted by an admin.

Editing Character-pages: Edit

Pages must be named after the character's full name.


Images Edit


Image categories:

Images uploaded to the wiki should be categorized too. All image-categories will be shown on the overall image-category.

Franchise-logos, however, will be placed in Category:Franchises