The Creation

God creates the unnamed planet in the OddRealm.

Lacusia is an original location in the OddRealm.

It is a planet populated by many humanoid races, including humans, ogres, orcs, LEGO-people, dick agents, snowmen and monsters. The world also has a rich animal life, including flying dogs, lions, swans, fish, prune whales, hippogriffs and dragons. Individual animals are even able to speak and act like humanoids, like Donkey. Afterlife creatures also reside on the planet, including zombies, ghosts and giant skeletal monsters.

The world has three major factions: Shrek's Kingdom, the resistance, and the undead forces.

Geographical features Edit

Maps are yet to be made, but so far it is known that Shrek's Kingdom covers a large portion of the world, including the capital cities, Shrekistan and Zomburg. Shrekistan borders an ocean, and it is known that the planet holds several island communities outside of Shrek's Kingdom, as well as the headquarters of the resistance movement.

History Edit

The planet was created by God in ancient times and would go on to be his favourite. He named it Lacusia.

When Shrek III was crowned king he made it illegal to belong to any other sexual orientation than his own, shrexualism. The culture in Shrek's Kingdom soon came to be centered around the king, and these changes sparked life into a resistance lead by an individual known as Palesting. He gathered a diverse force of vengeance to combat the king, but was eventually captured.

The undead people, under the leadership of Michael Jackson stayed neutral in this conflict.

Trivia and notes Edit