Lion in Pic 01

The lion, as it appeared in Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert.

The lion is an Original Character requested by Emma Vigen and introduced to the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay in Pic 01 by Amargaard.

The Lion is the pet and mount of king Shrek III.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins Edit

Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert
Shrek and Sonya at the Shrekstival

Shrek III, his lion, princess Sonya and her dog overseeing the Shrekstival concert.

Shrek III and Princess Sonya were present, overlooking a Shrekstival concert where "MJ & the Difs" played on the Shrekstival stage. They brought their pet lion and dog, respectively.

Description in Details: Edit


The lion is a male animal with green war paint on its face and a mane with notable decorations, such as the three feathers, one white, one red and one green. Pearls of red and green are also adorning the mane. Around its neck, the lion wears a large steel chain, used by Shrek III to keep the animal under control.


The animal seemed quite calm and tame at the Shrekstival Concert, submissive to Shrek III.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

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