Neptimir Putin

Neptimir Putin, as he appeared in Pic 02: The Pancake Prison Breakout.

Neptimir Putin is an Original Character requested by Anders Bjerg and introduced to the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay in Pic 02 by Amargaard.

Neptimir Putin is the human King of the Sea and leader of the resistance, after Palesting's capture. He issued a rescue mission to free Palesting and the other captured resistance-members at the Pancake Prison, which was succesful except Palesting's unknown whereabouts.

He is the father of shrexual special agent Vladimir Putin.

Biography: Edit

At some point Neptimir became King of the Sea, giving him command over various sea creatures, including his mount, the prune whale Zwiskoff. He fathered a son, Vladimir who became a shrexual special agent.
Neptimir also joined Palesting's resistance and came to be second-in-command of the movement. However, Palesting and several other members of the resistance were captured by the shrexuals, making Neptimir leader. He issued a rescue mission to free the others, ordering the Homiesexual, Tharesa and Kemleesha to serve as a distraction at the shrekstival while he, Harry Potter and the Snowman entered the Pancake Prison and provided the prisoners with axes to fight through Lars Løkke Rasmussen's junkbots.

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins Edit

Pic 02: The Pancake Prison Breakout
When finally released, Am'ar, Jes Dorph, Channing Tatum and Grethe escaped atop Neptimir's prune whale, Zwiskoff.

Description in Details: Edit


Neptimir Putin is a bare-chested muscular blonde bearded human with light skin, wearing a jellyfish crown, shoulderpads with various coral-decorations, a silver cross necklace, and a red lard cape. On one hand he wears a leather glove and the other a bracer with resistance-symbols on it. His blue shorts are also made of lard and have several sea-features on them. His sword and boots are living fish.


Stern, rarely revealing any other facial expressions than a serious one. He clearly has a strained relationship with his son.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Trivia and Notes: Edit

  • The facebook-comment in which he was requested by Anders Bjerg sounded like: "Tegn 'The Man of the Sea'! Et menneske der bærer en vandmand som hat, en sværdfisk som våben, spæk som kappe/klæder og en form for fisk som fodtøj. Tilføj selv hvis du lyster! :P", which means "Draw 'the Man of the Sea'! A human using a jellyfish as hat, a swordfish as weapon, lard as cape/clothes and some kind of fish for footwear. Add as you please! :P".