Palesting in Pic 02

Palesting's name as it appeared in Pic 02: The Pancake Prison Breakout.

Palesting is an Original Character requested by Elisabetta Saiu Liz and introduced to the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay in Pic 01 by Amargaard.

Palesting was the leader of a resistance-movement against Shrek III's laws of forbidden love. For this he has been taken prisoner, but his resistance lives on.

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Before Chapter 1 Edit

Palesting founded the resistance to oppose Shrek III's tyrranical rule, but he was captured for his uprising.

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins Edit

Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert
The Homiesexual's booth

The Homiesexual, Kemleesha and Tharesa at the Shrekstival.

In the resistance's rescue mission, the Homiesexual, Tharesa and Kemleesha were sent to serve as a distraction at the Shrekstival while the others would free the prisoners from the Pancake Prison. The Homiesexual's wagon sported a hand-painted message to free Palesting.
Pic 02: The Pancake Prison Breakout
Jes Dorph emerged from the Pancake Prison, with a TV2 script in his hand, titled "Palesting", and informed Neptimir Putin that Palesting had been moved to a more secure prison.

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The Homiesexual stands up for his opinions and inspires others to do the same.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

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