Tyrion in Pic 01

Rhaegal, as he appeared in Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert.

Rhaegal is a Copied Character, originally from the Game of Thrones franchise, requested by Gitte Christensen and introduced to the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay in Pic 01 by Amargaard.

Rhaegal is the dragon mount of Tyrion Lannister.

Biography: Edit

Before Chapter 1 Edit

Tyrion Lannister was elected Hand of the King by Shrek III.

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins Edit

Pic 01: The Shrekstival Concert
Cookies Execution

The public execution of the Cookie Monster.

To set an example, Tyrion was ordered to publicly execute the Cookie Monster at the shrekstival. The deed was done by Rhaegal.
Pic 02: The Pancake Prison Breakout
The dragon stays at the scene as Tyrion puts Cookie Monster's corpse into a box atop the wall to the Rainbow Castle.

Description in Details: Edit


Rhaegal is a yellow and green dragon with three horns on either side of its head, and a long dorsal fin running down the back of its long neck. Its chest is particularly scaly. It has two legs, two wings and a tail.



Powers and abilities:

Flight, and strength - enough to stand on one leg, hold a dying monster in the other, while being mounted by Tyrion.

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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

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