Shrekistan, the capital of Shrek's Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Shrek III, or Shrek's Kingdom, refers both to a major political faction in the OddRealm lead by King Shrek III, and the geographical region which he rules over.

In Shrek's Kingdom all other forms of love other than shrexualism are forbidden, and their entire culture revolves around their king. Shrekstivals being a clear example. The faction's colors are yellow and green and its symbol the letter S adorned with ogre-ears.

The capital of Shrek's Kingdom is Shrekistan, in which the Shrekstival Stage, The Pope's Shrexual Bar and the Rainbow Castle can be found.

While not part of Shrek's Kingdom, Zomburg the capital of the undead faction is also within the kingdom's region.

Characters of Shrek's Kingdom Edit